The secret to making Japanese men always full of energy and ability

Before having sex, don’t forget to use ROKETTO to prolong sex, increase erection, suppleness and not get tired in battle. Use 1 capsule 30 to 60 minutes before sex to achieve sublimation, and best pleasure before satisfying your partner.

“Little girl” has a lot of water and mucus.

During sex, the vagina usually produces water and white mucus. It only appears when you feel desire and happiness. At this point, he needs to click the right beat to bring her to the top.

Vagina tightens penis

When she orgasms, more blood will flow to the vagina. This causes the organs in the vagina to contract, squeezing the penis. If you pay close attention, he will feel that the “little guy” is being swallowed up and reaches the maximum sublimation.

Breathe hard and fast

When they reached the top, most of the women were out of breath. This is because nerve impulses cause heart rate and blood pressure to rise. The body requires more oxygen, so she will breathe quickly, forcefully. Besides, the throat is dry, so the breathing sound also becomes louder.

The chest is pink, harden

Breasts are a sensitive part of women. Therefore, when brought to the top by him, this will be the organ of strong emotional expression. Her breasts were flushed pink and increased in size by about 25% compared to normal.

Body arched, back arched

When you see her arching her back, stretching is the time to orgasm. He needs to stab the “little guy” deeper and click hard and fast to bring her to the top.

Her legs clamped down on him

When he sees her clamping her legs, it shows that she is very
coffee” and is about to peak. What he needs to do is give her a quick, strong push to make her happy.

And now let’s try it out, 17 years of experience in conquering women of the King of Japanese adult movies, apply it now, gentlemen, let ROKETTO help you.

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