Great tips to show off your masculine bravery

If a man has more than one, he will love you more and can’t stop, Roketto gives men tips to bring your partner to the top during sex.

Once they know how to express and understand the sensitive points of their partners when they are on top, they just need to satisfy them that they just want the gentlemen to press their penises in forever, deep in, stay for a long time and shoot out slowly.

  • Prepare for the “wet” foreplay

There are quite a few men who do not really understand the importance of foreplay when making love, so they often skip this step. This is a huge mistake that men need to pay attention to.

Because this foreplay helps boost hormones and make your senses more sensitive. Not only does it help the “love” take place perfectly, but it can also cover up his flaws if he ejaculates prematurely. Start the walk with kisses on her lips, neck, and body. Then slowly bring her into love.

  • Bring her to the top with “golden hands

Men, please don’t forget to use your hands to caress her body to help stimulate and increase libido. This is a simple way to help her “floating cradle water”. You can massage her gently, stimulate sensitive points such as breasts, buttocks, waist, thighs … Surely she will be “soaked” and ready to go with him to the top.

Using her hands is a pretty effective way to help her climax, especially for those who have sex for the first time. Using your hands not only stimulates her but also helps her vagina open wider so that the “little guy” can easily enter. Therefore, men really should not ignore this secret.

  • Bring her to the top by stroking

When it’s done, the foreplay is good. Be confident, boldly go to her “forbidden zone” for both to orgasm. At first, he should gently caress, caress or palpate the outside until he is full of water. Then use 2 fingers and gently, slowly invade. When you see her showing signs of climax, increase the speed. The method to find your G-spot is not too complicated because this point is usually about 2-4cm from the vagina. Therefore, he should pay attention to pressing the right sensitive points to push her to the extreme.

  • Let her take control

Not only men but also women love to be in control when it comes to sex. Therefore, he should change a bit so that she can control the love and move on her own. Men can choose from a number of new relationship positions to help her master love.

  • Oral sex is a way to help your girlfriend get to the top

Oral sex is a method of sex by using the mouth and tongue to massage the private area. According to the research of scientists, up to 85% of women can climax when they have oral sex. Therefore, men should not hesitate to learn and implement it.

He should start at the outer edge, then stimulate the cleavage. At the same time, oral sex should only be done for less than 15 minutes because too long can cause loss of interest.

  • Maintain the speed of “jumping” during sex

This is one of the important ways to bring her to the top, men need to move in rhythm when inserting their penis into her vagina. The longer these “waves of love” last, the more satisfied she will be. In addition, this also helps prevent premature ejaculation in men.

  • Find her exact G-spot

This is extremely important, because stimulating the right G-spot will make women moan. The G-spot is usually located 4-5cm from the outer edge. He can touch the inside of the vaginal wall with his hand and feel it.

  • Touching the back of her ear and the nape of her neck

This is one of the sensitive body areas of women. He just needs to kiss her gently behind her ear, breathe lightly, lick and touch the nape of her neck to stimulate her. Guys should give it a try, surely the results will not disappoint him.

  • Stimulating the neck area, collarbone

Similar to the ear and back of the neck, the neck and collarbone of women are also quite sensitive. Therefore, during sex, kisses on the neck, collarbone or light bites, hickey there will make her “soak” her pants.

  • Massage and stimulate the chest and abdomen area

In addition to the private area, the breast area is the second most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Therefore, he absolutely must not ignore this position, but should use his hands or mouth to stimulate the breasts to help stretch, help her moan and orgasm more easily.

At the same time, a lot of men ignore her belly and belly button during sex. In fact, women are very easily stimulated when their partner caresses as well as kisses on the waist or abdomen. Therefore, do not forget this to show interest in your partner.

  • Kiss in the vagina

Instead of directly taking care of the “little girl” that can make guys shy, stimulate in the position of her pubic mound. This helps her increase libido, stimulates the body to secrete hormones and makes her crazy happy.

  • Change sex position

Changing the relationship position is the most direct way to help your girlfriend get to the top that he definitely must not ignore. Currently, there are many new and unique sex positions that help both achieve orgasm. He can refer to it and implement it because it both helps the sex become more perfect and shows the masculinity. A few suggestions for poses for guys are:

Doggy position: this is the position to help the penis penetrate deeper into the “girl” and he can easily create “love waves” that make her fall in love.

Face-to-face position: Can make women climax many times. At that time, the two can both accelerate the climax, kiss and cuddle more.

Pose 69: This is a position that can stimulate pleasure in the fastest way. Both lie opposite to each other and let the private area face the other’s face and stimulate together to feel the ultimate sublimation.

Standing Folding Position: This is a way of making love that her little girl gets the perfect fit. Because it makes the friction between the vagina and the penis tighter than ever. Just pushing him is enough for her to climax and achieve orgasm.

Horse riding position: Riding a horse is a relationship position that helps women reach the top, quickly achieving the most pleasure. Because with this position, the girls will be in control and control the sex. Surely both men and women will enjoy the feeling of ecstasy with this way of making love.

  • Pay attention to the time after a woman’s orgasm

A mistake of men is that after having sex, they immediately leave their women and this will lose points in the eyes of women. After the climax has passed, the female body will secrete hormones that reduce fatigue and bring a feeling of happiness. Therefore, this is the time when she needs the most care and affection.

After sex, he hugs her tightly and gives her a warm kiss. Moreover, showing through loving eyes, sweet words, complimenting her body will make her happier.

In addition, do not forget to share your feelings so that both of you can understand each other and learn from experience for the next more wonderful “love” events.

Above are the ways to make love for women to the top that any guy should not ignore to help conquer her and bring a feeling of ecstasy and passion every time they make love, and also help both of them achieve their goals. pleasure and keep the fire of family happiness.

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