Herbal ingredients of Roketto oral tablet

In 2018, in the US according to the 2019 Organic Industry Survey published by the Organic Trade Association. Organic products are increasingly favored by some people who think they are safe and healthy; Others believe that organic products help protect the environment and protect the earth’s ecosystem. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that organic produce is good for both people and the environment.

The Japanese have always been known for their healthy lifestyles, always using healthy products that are safe for the environment. Therefore, Roketto is no exception, it is not natural that Roketto is automatically granted the JAS certificate, which is an abbreviation of Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) System, which means Japanese agricultural organic standards.

Roketto is the perfect combination of modern medicine and traditional medicine, in the form of tablets and synthesized from precious herbs from the land of the rising sun, which will surely give the gentlemen on the whole world a fullness of youth !
Ingredients from natural herbs that have a direct effect on the male physiological function of men:


The main ingredient of ginseng is the active saponin, specifically ginsenoside, which has an effective effect on increasing testosterone hormone in men. As a result, men will quickly regain the feeling of excitement in sex life and the state of boredom in the bedroom will be effectively improved.

2. Maca powder

Maca powder prevents, treats erectile dysfunction and improves the quality of sperm. Maca powder helps increase fertility in men by improving sperm count and motility, helping sperm reach the uterus faster and conceive easier.

3. Vitamin

The vitamins of groups B, C, and E have the effect of stimulating the natural “love” desire and enhancing the vitality of men.

Decreased sex drive in men can be due to many causes including hormone changes, low energy, stress, and alcohol abuse.

A lack of desire for “love” can affect a couple’s relationship. Therefore, you should consult your doctor. In addition, many studies show that supplementing with essential vitamins can increase resistance and improve sex life for men.

  • -Vitamin C

According to Webmd, vitamin C is abundant in vegetables such as vegetables, potatoes, peppers, oranges, tangerines, strawberries… They help increase resistance and blood flow to the body. This is important because it enhances the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm.

This vitamin also works to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections in older men. In addition, too much vitamin C deficiency in men will reduce the ability to fertilize, easily leading to infertility.

  • Vitamin E

This vitamin helps strengthen the immune system, protect the reproductive cells of men. Vitamin E supports increasing testosterone levels, thereby, improving stamina and sexual desire in men. Research published in the Archives of Andrology found that study participants taking 400 mg of vitamin E combined with 225 mpg of selenium significantly improved sperm motility. In addition, their testosterone levels increased, which helped circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin E is abundant in eggs, liver and junk foods such as almonds, peanuts, sunflower.

Folic acid (vitamin B9)

Folic acid benefits people of all ages. This is a natural vitamin found in foods such as noodles, cereals… Folic acid is considered a health-promoting supplement for humans, especially men. The main effect of folic acid is to reduce the risk of sperm disorders and abnormalities in men. For some people, this nutrient helps increase sperm count when combined with zinc. If you are planning to have a baby, you should increase your vitamin B9 supplement. Vitamin B12 This vitamin has a protective effect on the nerves and blood cells of the body. In addition, it will prevent anemia, reduce the risk of fatigue and irritability. People over 60 are often at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. This is one of the causes of memory loss and reduced ability to “love” in old age. You should eat a lot of pork, lamb, liver, sardines, oysters and beef to supplement vitamin B12 for the body.

  • Niacin (vitamin B3)

This is another B vitamin that is also important in improving men’s sex lives. Niacin helps stimulate libido and improve blood circulation to the body, which is very important for couples. Vitamin B3 deficiency in the body can affect sleep and cause erectile dysfunction. Niacin is abundant in beetroot, red meat, fish, eggs, milk… Adding these foods daily will reduce harmful fat content, preventing the risk of clogging the main arteries in the body. This helps increase vitality for men, especially those suffering from impotence.

  • L-citrulline

Although not a vitamin, research in the journal Urology shows that L-arginine is the most common amino acid in male health supplements, according to Men’s Journal. That’s why L-citrulline, which is converted by the body into L-arginine, is the ideal choice. In a small study of men with mild erectile dysfunction, they were given 1.5 g of L-citrulline daily for one month. The results showed that the erectile function of these men improved markedly, from 3 (mild erection) to 4 (normal). Study participants also reported having more sex and feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

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