Statistics show that up to 37% of men have physiological disorders

Obstacles in sex is something that many people talk about. And not only women, men are also having to tear their hair day and night and have a mental breakdown in the face of physiological decline…

“Ejaculated without sex”, “difficulty in erection” or “premature ejaculation”, etc. Sadly, subtle allusions to sexual weakness are being heard more and more frequently, in modern social context in which we live.

Declining sex hormones due to age

In addition to the causes of male instability mentioned above, experts also added that, according to a study by the American Endocrine Society, after the age of 30, testosterone levels (male sex hormone) will decrease on average. 1%/year, especially up to 2.6%/year after age 40.

The results of a study by the New England Institute of Research (USA) showed that one in four men over the age of 30 experienced a decrease in height or a decrease in testosterone. However, only about 5% of them have obvious symptoms. Decreased testosterone leads to male menopause, causing 91% of men to lose libido, 79% to have erectile dysfunction, but increase the risk of obesity by 52.4%, the risk of diabetes by 50%, and the risk of 42.4%. high blood pressure.

Thus, the decline in testosterone in the body will directly affect the ability to stimulate libido, indirectly affect the overall health in men. Therefore, supplementing with testosterone to enhance sexual health and regain male form is something that many men are very interested in. Especially, precious herbs derived from nature with the effect of “he drinks, she compliments” are passed on by many men such as: conquering diseases, tribulus, humiliation valley …

Statistics show that up to 37% of men have physiological disorders, the rate of infertility is about 8-10%, steadily increasing over the years and tend to be younger, especially common in men. age 30 years and older.

Physiological weakness – When “forbidden fruit” becomes “bitter fruit”

Male physiology is a sensitive issue, difficult to talk about and very concerned by men. Because, physiological health not only shows the strength and masculinity of men, but also plays a core role in maintaining the happiness of couples and husband and wife.

Besides, the positive effects of sex are also an indispensable factor on the journey to fully enjoy life. Imagine a day not far away, when age and signs of aging begin to “knock on the door”, leading to physiological decline, how will men face it?

For men, when the “forbidden fruit” becomes a “bitter fruit”, it also means the extinguishing of the youthful flame, or the alarm for the body’s exhaustion. More dangerously, weak physiology can also be a sign of a broken marriage, when the partner is still “vigorous” and rich in desires.

What is the solution to revive happiness in bed and help men overcome weak physiological complexes?

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving orgasm (ejaculation), decreased libido and early male menopause (hypogonadism) are common symptoms of physiological disorders. As is known, besides health, age or psychological factors, external causes such as life pressure, work or unhealthy lifestyle will also cause men to decline hormones. negative effects on sexual function.

In Japan, Roketto is considered as a savior of Japanese men as the perfect combination of Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine in supporting physiological improvement.

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